UEFA Group 7 Quiz

All answers to the quiz can be found in our reports from group 7.

1. Who was Belgium's regular libero?

2. Which Czechoslovakia striker played for Dukla Prague?

3. Who was Portugal's regular captain?

4. Which Luxembourg striker was based in the French top division in 89-90?

5. Who was Switzerland's goalkeeper in the opening qualifiers?

6. Which club was not represented in this group?

7. Which of these players got most minutes on the field for Belgium?

8. Who was Portugal's regular defensive midfielder?

9. Which of these Czechoslovakian players is a left back?

10. Which of these players did NOT appear for Switzerland?

11. Who was Czechoslovakia's libero until Jan Kocian returned?

12. Which 1984 veteran featured in one Portugal squad in these qualifiers?

13. Who was Porgugal's top scorer?

14. Why didn't Preud'homme play the first game, v Switzerland (h)?

15. Which of these players got most minutes on the field?

16. Which manager was shown a red card?

17. Which of these clubs were not represented in group 7?

18. In which of these positions did Blaise Piffaretti play?

19. Who was joint top scorer with Skuhravý for Czechoslovakia?

20. Which Sutter did NOT play in the qualifiers for Switzerland?

21. Who's the player in the middle?

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