National team
Northern Ireland

7 May 1965, Belfast

Manchester U (82-89)
Everton (89-91)

Forward, central midfield

Tall, physical forward who played with courage and some skill. Whiteside remained the perhaps biggest star of the N. Irish team and the one Bingham would hope could lead the team to their (and Whiteside’s) third consecutive World Cup. However, Whiteside sustained an injury ahead of the campaign (v France 27.04.1988) and was sidelined for the entire 88-89 season. This meant that Whiteside missed all the crucial qualifiers. When Whiteside returned in autumn 1989, N. Ireland were all but eliminated. 

Bingham had planned to use Whiteside in a midfield role in the opener again Malta, and this was also his position on the pitch when he eventually came back from injury. Against Hungary (h) he played in a more attacking role with McCreery behind him to sweep up. In the last match, against Rep. of Ireland (a), Whiteside took a more defensive role, as Michael O’Neill played attacking midfielder. It is fair to say that the former role suited Whiteside much better.


#1-6 (Injured)