National team

5 November 1961, Baja

Toulon (1988-91)

Central/right midfielder

Skillful midfielder who featured in most of Hungary’s qualifiers for Italia’90. With Détári often being tracked carefully by the opponents, Bognár would sometimes appear as a sort of “second playmaker” in the team. Bognár was generally one of the more positive players in the Hungarian team, providing mobility and flair to their attacking play. He was more often an assistant rather than a finisher, but scored one of the most spectacular goals in the entire qualification with his missile in Belfast.

World Cup 1990 history

Match 1
19.10.1988 Hungary 1-0 N.Ireland
90 minutes.
Rating: 7.7

Match 2
11.12.1988 Malta 2-2 Hungary
Did not play.

Match 3
08.03.1989 Hungary 0-0 Rep. of Ireland
45 minutes (as a substitute).
Rating: 6.7

Match 4
12.04.1989 Hungary 1-1 Malta
90 minutes.
Rating: 6.6
“This could have been his match, but ball was often played over the head of the central Hungarian midfield. Lacked his usual creativity.”

Match 5
04.06.1989 Rep. of Ireland 2-0 Hungary
23 minutes (as a substitute).
Rating: –
“Is mainly operating to the right of midfield after coming on, and does add a bit of quality on the ball, making sure Hungary have their best spell of the match for a 7-8 minutes period before 2-0.”

Match 6
06.09.1989 N.Ireland 1-2 Hungary
85 minutes (substituted).
Rating: 6.7
“Good movement, as always, but largely ineffective.”

Match 7
11.10.1989 Hungary 2-2 Spain
90 minutes.
Rating: 6.8
“As usual, full of initiative off the ball. Penalised for his loss of the ball on 0-1.”

Match 8
15.11.1989 Spain 4-0 Hungary
90 minutes (substituted).
Rating: 6.3
“Seemed quite lively in the opening exchanges, but did not lead by example once Spain had exerted their superiority on proceedings. So sloppy when losing the ball to Butragueño leading up to the fourth goal, and in general displaying negative body language.”