National team

27 July 1965, Veliko Tarnovo

CFKA Sredets (1988-90)

Central defender

The future World Cup legend and much beloved hardman in the Bulgarian defense made his first entrance on the international stage during the qualifiers for Italia’90. Ivanov had been drafted into the team in 1988 by Boris Angelov, and after being restricted to an appearance on the bench in the opener, he started the match in Copenhagen. Ivanov enjoyed a good tussle against Povlsen, but committed several infringements and was finally sent off after a wild lounge on Sivebæk. He did return to the first team after his suspension, though, against Romania (a), and continued to be a key player for Bulgaria under new manager Ivan Vutsov.

WC 1990 record

Match 1
19.10.1988 Bulgaria-Romania 1-3
On the bench.

Match 2
02.11.1988 Denmark-Bulgaria 1-1
81 minutes. Red card.
Rating: 7.2
“Enjoys a good tussle with Povlsen”.

Match 3
26.04.1989 Bulgaria-Denmark 0-2

Match 4
17.05.1989 Romania-Bulgaria 1-0
90 minutes.
“A bit more careful than last time around.”

Match 5
11.10.1989 Bulgaria – Greece 4-0
90 minutes. Yellow card.

Match 6
15.11.1989 Greece 1-0 Bulgaria
90 minutes.