1990 qualification – CONMEBOL Group 3



Brazil, Chile, Venezuela


Match 1
30.07.1989: Venezuela 0-4 Brazil, Estadio Brígido Iriarte (Caracas)
In their unusual 3-4-3, Brazil fail to produce enough midfield power to make this a comfortable passage, although they will adjust during the half time break, a goal up thanks to Branco’s excellent low drive from distance, to seize a stronger grip on the proceedings in the second half. Venezuela, who had been composed and collected defensively first half, would show cracks and frailty in the second, and Brazil would ultimately rack up a convincing win, despite the goalkeeping heroics from Venezuela custodian Baena.

Match 2
06.08.1989: Venezuela 1-3 Chile, Estadio Brígido Iriarte (Caracas)

Match 3
13.08.1989: Chile 1-1 Brazil, Estadio Nacional (Santiago)

Match 4 
20.08.1989: Brazil 6-0 Venezuela, Estádio do Morumbi (São Paolo)

Match 5
27.08.1989: Chile 5-0 Venezuela, Estadio Malvinas Argentinas (neutral ground in Mendoza, Argentina)

Match 6
03.09.1989: Brazil 2-0 Chile, Estádio do Maracanã (Rio de Janeiro)

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