NEW: Soviet Union 2-0 Austria

19 October 1988, Kiev: This was only the second qualification match in the 1980s to be played out in Kiev. The previous one had been a 2-0 win against East Germany in the qualification ahead of the 1988 European Championships. On the back of recent success both in West Germany and in the Seoul Olympics, Soviet spirits ought to have been high. The Austrians' away qualifying wins during the 80s had come three times against Albania, once against Cyprus and once in Finland. This was a different proposition. In three friendly fixtures preparing for the qualification, the Austrians had looked less than convincing, and they would need something special to kick-start their campaign with even a single point.

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RECENT: East Germany 2-0 Iceland

19 October 1988, East Berlin: The match was not without its talking points. As early as the fourth minute, Iceland are perhaps having a lucky escape when East Germany ace Andreas Thom races ball at feet into the visitors' area, only to have his run brought to a halt by Iceland left-back Gunnar Gíslason. Thom takes a tumble after the challenge, which easily could've led to action being taken by the Norwegian referee. However, as replays indicate, Thom probably made too much of it, and Mr Halle just let play continue.

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One of the last qualifiers covered at is Iceland v Soviet Union (31 August 1988) from UEFA Group 3, provided by our writer kaltz. In addition, we give you the front page of the Icelandic newspaper Tíminn on 1 September 1988: Its headline was not so much the result of the game, as the naked person who entered the field. This is allegedly the first time this phenomenon was witnessed on a sporting venue on the island. Insular innocence stolen.

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NEW: Netherlands v Finland (1989 Qualifier)

NEW: Wales v Netherlands (1989 qualifier)

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Group 7 Quiz

Who was Belgium's regular libero in the 1990 qualifiers? And who's the player in the middle in the picture to the right? Test your UEFA qualification group 7 knowledge with our new group 7 quiz. Difficulty level: Difficult . . .

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